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Meet Pam

Just over 18 months ago I hired my own personal trainer and it is honestly one of the best personal investments. I've ever made. When I pause and reflect on how much I've grown as an athlete and a person over such a short period of time, I know full-well that it will be something I'll continue to do for the rest of my life. Being accountable to someone who I have huge respect and who has my best interest at heart, helps me to set a higher standard of achievement for myself. Not just in training, but in life.

I pretty much live at the gym so when moving to the GC a few months ago, the facility I chose to train at had to tick some important boxes. As a gym owner myself I know that great training equipment and services alone aren't what keeps people coming back. It is genuine connection.

As cliche as that may sound, it's true

Connection makes us feel seen, heard and most importantly valued. Connection allows for a solid ground of trust and a feeling of safety. When you are on a quest to improve something that is about as personal as you can get, your own body, having solid confidence and connection with your trainer and the people around you is vital.


Despite working alongside my competition everyday, there is an organically strong, supportive and healthy sense of respect that exists in the way we are with each other, and when I am out on the gym floor I see this filtering out to our members and clients,

Since day one of walking into EMF I have honestly been asking myself: "How can so much positive energy exists when there is such a contrast in the types of people training here?!" Now that I have experienced both roles as a member and now a PT, I think I've found a huge chunk of the answer: the way our people are with our people.

Our healthy work environment supports our trainers to feel safe and connected, which naturally equates to our well-being as individuals. All 13 of our PT staff have unique backgrounds, strengths and areas of specialty. When I put those 2 factors together and add in the incredible service and positivity of the reception, cafe and support staff, I totally understand why EMF is as vibrant with individuality as it is. This is what makes EMF Robina such a special place to work and train at. It's not just a gym, it's a community.

I look forward to seeing you in the gym, be sure to say hi!
All the best,